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USB Travel Keyboard

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This lightweight, ultra-thin, compact travel keyboard is perfect for working on the road. Just plug it in and type away, no driver needed! Made from silicone, it is bendable, foldable and rollable, to pack away nice in your suitcase, backpack, briefcase or laptop bag. It is soft to the touch and there are no noisy, clacking keys to annoy you!

Unlike normal keyboards, the USB travel keyboard is easy to clean and waterproof, so no need to worry about tipping over that cup of coffee (again!). Simply wipe up with a damp cloth and get back to work! You can even use soap and water on it.

Operation Style: Conductive Rubber
Type: Wired
Material: Silicone
Layout: 109keys.
Interface: USB.
Dimension: 49x14cm(LXW)
Wire Length: 148cm.