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Teething Mitten

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Brand: SZHSR
We are a professional Baby Teething Mitten manufacturer, established in 2012, specializing in researching, developing and producing baby daily necessities. We attentively design every product for every baby to protect the healthy growth of the baby.

The Harms Of Sucking Hand
Health:Babies who are sucking hands will cause bacteria get into their mouth and easily lead to diarrhea, parasites and other infections.
Teeth:Hand sucking may affect teething, cause irregular teeth arranged and the poor dental closure.
Hands: When babies' hands soaked in saliva for a long time, it may prone to finger molting, swelling, infection, deformation.
Psychology: Hand sucking habit prone to stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression and other bad feelings, affect the baby's mental health.

NO.1 Our Teething mitts are made in China with BPA, food grade silicone and soft, breathable, water resistant fabric. And they have been tested by Intertek to ensure them meet or exceed all federal safety requirements, including CPSC standards, ASTM regulations, and CPSIA in both the US and Canada.
NO.2 SZHSR baby teething mitten is an excellent invention for babies who cannot grasp a standard teether while also protecting baby from scratching soothing sore gums.
NO.3 The self Soothing Teether Mitten will make a crinkle sound when it get touched. And the crinkle sound will draw babies' attention and entertains themselves so that their mom can has time to finish a meal, take a rest, or even take a shower.

What you get:
1×Protective Bag
1×Baby Teething Mitten

We are professional, please feel free to contact us if you get any question.