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Sinoartizan Water Bladder Hydration Bladder 2.5 Liter

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Large opening water bag 2.5L for using in backpacks. Outdoor sports water bag for mountaineering and water storage. Product features: 1) 2. 5 L capacity can meet the water demand for a long time in a day. 2. The nozzle is designed by Magnetic Suction, which can be fastened to the shoulder strap or clothes of the backpack, which is convenient for drinking water and not drinking water nozzle. Prevent sloshing. The outlet seat of the water pipe joint has the function of sealing water; the water bag can also be used as a separate container for storing water without connecting the water pipe. 4. Ergonomics bag body design with compartments; in the case of full water, the shape of the water bag is flat and convenient to fit into the water bag, the backpack is more beautiful. 5. high-speed flow medical grade silicone nozzle, extremely durable; 6. Soft, durable TPU bag body water pipe. 7. The newest RF plastic welding technology is adopted in the joint. 8. the large opening thread rotates and turns 1 and 4 circles with the starting point and the end point to tighten and loosen the design, which is more convenient for use Clean and place ice cubes; 9. Contains dustproof cover, also ensures nozzle cleanliness in harsh conditions; 10. does not contain BPA (bisphenol a), does not contain PVC (polyvinyl chloride), pass the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) .