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ShredPad Board Stand

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This minimalistic board stand sets up fast, stores small, and leaves no footprint.

Portable.  ShredPad goes where you go.  It's great for preventing scrapes and dings whereever you are: out at the parking lot getting ready, at your rental unit or hotel by the beach, and at home as an installation-free surf rack in the garage or hallway.  It's simple low-profile design makes a great display stand that puts the focus on your board! 

Simple.  ShredPad is easy to use and sets up in seconds.  Just throw the rubber base mat on the floor by a wall, set the board's tail on the mat, and rest your board against the wall.  Included wall top grips can allow for either a temporary suction-on or permanent stick-on pad between the top of your board and the wall.  The top grips create friction preventing lateral movement and allow for any water or residue to be kept off your board while it runs down to the base mat where water is safely collected.  Great for keeping rugs and floors clean and dry after a fun boarding session!  

Durable. ShredPad is made of a thick strong durable silicone rubber construction made to last and absorb board impact time and time again.  Robust enough for any boards in your quiver from thrusters to longboards!