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Samsung Galaxy S5 Case, YogaCase Liquid Glitter Back Protective Cover (Mermaid Tale)

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YogaCase InTrend w/ Screen Protector is the most stylish look possible.Our designs are created by a team of cutting edge designers based around the world. They are then printed onto the highest quality cases using only the best quality inks.

Protect your investment The YogaCase InTrends Samsung Galaxy S5 Soft Case is the perfect Samsung Galaxy S5 case for your active lifestyle. The case provides good grip in your hand and on most surfaces, while the slim profile keeps the original great lightweight design of your Samsung Galaxy S5 intact. The YogaCase InTrends Samsung Galaxy S5 Soft Case is partially transparent, so you can still view the great looks of your phone back while protecting it.

The tempered glass protector with 9H Hardness absorbs 5 times more impact energy than normal screen protectors while only as thick as 3 sheets of paper. Let the protector take the hit instead of your mobile phone!

The Highest quality!