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KORAM Irrigation Watering Drip Kit Micro Sprayer

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Note: Please put the connected part of the hose into the hot water for 10 seconds before assembling

Pressure requirements: 25-45PSI

If you have any problems during installation, please feel free to contact us.

Generally, the water pressure require between 29-58PSI for each 1/4’’ line, the flow is 0-120 L/H per sprinkler.
If just open the top outlet of the sprinkler, one line could support 20 PCS sprinkler flowing normally. But if want both of the outlets flow fluent, according to the opening size, one line only could support 5-8 PCS sprinklers.

Package Contents:

*1/4" Blank distribution tubing (50-foot)
Versatile 1/4" blank distribution tubing may be used as the main line in a small drip irrigation system or to branch off from 1/2" tubing to individual watering devices and plants.
*1/4"Barbed tee (20pcs)
Use to connect 2 sections of 1/4" tubing in order to direct water to another location or connect 1/4" tubing to a supply line. Exclusive double-barbed design allows use with higher water pressures up to 50 PSI.
*End Closure (Goof Plugs) (2pcs)
Use as an end closure for 1/4-Inch tubing or as a side plug for 3/8-Inch tubing.
* Sprayer on Stake (20pcs)
MAX Water flow: 7L/H and 120L/H.
*3 x Faucet Connect Accessories
*1 x Tape: Prevent leakage