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Kinya 3D Sleep Masks Eye Mask, Eyeshade

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  • Fabric certified by SGS, safe and non-toxic
  • Super Soft Fabric - 16g light weight, super soft, light weighted and air permeable.AIR PERMEABLE MATERIAL ,Your eyes and conjunctiva can breathe oxygen through this air permeable material. Eco-friendly fabric and smooth tactile sensation, so no allergies will occur.
  • 3D Ergonomical Design- Very comfortable to your eyes due to this huge eye cavities design. Long but light nose & forehead wings and 3D design let it match your face and nose perfectly and ensure comfort and no light leaking.The 3D design ensures no smudging on your makeup.
  • Adjustable Elastic Velcro - Velcro on the back of head is adjustable in a range of 3.54 inch. It seals well without sticking to your hair. No need to tugging your hair away from the velcro
  • Ultimate Relaxation - Use for traveling, meditation, shift work, daytime napping, as insomnia aid,yoga practice or meditation.Well Block out Streaming Lights, Pure darkness produces sleep inducing hormone melatonin for your deep sleep.
  • Customers Say - Excellent for shift workers - bedtime bliss solve the problem of sleeping during the day,After a night shift this mask makes all the difference for sleeping during the day!