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Analog Wooden Chess Clock with base

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The Apex Chess Analog Timer Wooden Chess Clock is a must-have for both casual and tournament play. It ensures players are on a level playing field by accurately tracking the time of their moves during a game. It also allows for games to be handicapped if players are on different skill levels, making matches exciting for both seasoned veterans and novices. 

The chess clock is made of real wood and features an easily viewable oversized display. This display has an additional red hand making its time tracking exceptionally precise, while the clock’s larger wooden base keeps it stable on any surface. Two buttons on its top manage the times of both players by allowing the starting and stopping of time-tracking between moves. 

The chess clock is also mechanical, meaning it doesn’t require batteries. Just wind-up the movement, set the timer, and play chess without having to worry about interruptions. 

The Apex Chess Analog Timer Wooden Chess Clock is accurate, easy to use and a classic piece for anyone in search of a quality chess clock.