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3 Stage Knife Sharpener

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Enjoy the Long Lasting Sharpness with Our 3-Stage Knife Sharpening System
Why Choose Focusky Knife Sharpener? 
--Extra grinding head provided, no more worries of wearing out
--Innovative 3-stage system suitable for a variety of knives, Ceramic, Pocket, Steel, Straight blade, Chef &Kitchen Knives & Scissors
--Lifetime Warranty: Money back or replacement warranty for lifetime, just email us for any further after-sales service, we ll get back to you asap.
--Stylish and Durable: Our knife sharpener use heavy-duty edges which stand up to tens of thousands of strokes for an exceptionally long lifetime for the sharpener and your knives.
1. Place the knife sharpener on a flat surface.
2. Hold the knife sharpener by the handle. (works for right or left hand use)
3. For a very dull knife, pull it through the COARSE slot toward you first. Depending on the condition of the knife, it could be as little as 2 to 4 times, will be more for severely damaged blades.
4. Move the knife to the FINE slot and pull it toward you until desired sharpness is achieved. 2 pulls may be sufficient for a knife in good condition that just requires a fine honing. Duller knives may require more pulls. 
5. To hone your ceramic knives, pull through the Medium slot until the desired sharpness is achieved. Use the Diamond(Medium) slot for ceramic knives.
  How to Remove the Grinding Head?
Push the two sides of the grinding head toward the middle part with more strength, and pull it out. 
  Package Include: 
1* knife sharpener
1* removable 3-stage grinder head
1*user manual