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24 Pack Mini Clipboards 6*9 inches | A5

$23.99 $9.59

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60% off the 24 pack set of mini Clipboards (6*9inch) | best value for money offer


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Why our product is better vs. many other clipboards?

  • safe to use (smooth corners)
  • no falling parts (like some other clipboards have)
  • reliable metal clipper (holds +45% amount of paper vs. other clipper options)
  • made and designed with love 🙂

Very multi purpose item:

1.OFFICE: to write down your notes, while store checks or any similar kind of work.

2.KIDS: perfect children-friendly size paper holder for kids to draw.

3.HOME: ideal to post the photos on the wall.

4.GARAGE/outdoor: easy to store and handle your to-do list.

5.BUSINESS: easy and convenient way to display your menu/prices to the customers.