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2018 Black Mamba Expandable Garden Hose 75FT

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  • ★ WONT KINK TWIST TEAR OR POP ★ Reinforced double strength latex inner core is super strong and will resist breaking. The number one problem in reviews of all expandable hoses is breaking. Double latex core helps our garden hoses last longer.
  • ★ YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR ★ Cheaper hoses are made with cheaper materials and you have to buy again. Cheaper hoses are cheap for a reason. You'll have to buy another one. That's crazy!
  • ★ INTERLOCKING HOSE SAVER DESIGN ★ Prevents the rubber from separating from the brass fittings. Any hose that doesn't have this feature will rip and separate.
  • ★ BRASS FITTINGS ★ Higher quality brass fittings, not cheap plastic which will break or leak. Don't take a chance on hoses that aren't made with quality construction.
  • ★ FREE SPRAY NOZZLE ★ 8 pattern spray nozzle included at no cost as a free gift for buying with us. We also offer great customer service to our customers as a way of saying thank you!