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For online sellers, reviews and feedback are their lifeblood. But less than 0.5% of buyers leave reviews. Without reviews it's difficult to make sales, and many of these small businesses don't survive.


That's where you come in. Sellers are often keen to give away their products for others to review. Here's how!

1) Look through the listings and select any product you want to review

2) Click the "Get Coupon" button.

3) If the seller has chosen to give codes automatically, a coupon code will appear for you to use immediately. If the coupon code doesn't appear, it means the seller has chosen to give the codes out to reviewers manually and will contact you with a coupon code shortly.

4) Once your product arrives, just leave the seller an honest and genuine review wherever they have requested for you to leave it.



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Many of our sellers use Amazon as their selling platform. If you have Amazon Prime, shipping is usually 100% free! Many of our reviewers sign up to Amazon Prime just so they can take advantage of our offers, and there are plenty of other good reasons to join too.

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I just received my first free product. Wow! Really great quality and I didn't have to pay anything. Thank you so much, I'm looking forward to my next one!! - Kat Hopkins, Huntington


I just wanted to say what a wonderful service this is. I've had three products to review, and they were all really great.  And it's great that it helps the sellers too. I'm enjoying this very much! - Ngaire Jackson, Stockton


My wife and I have both joined, she loves getting the kitchen type products and I always go for the sports and electronics. We haven't been disappointed yet. Product Elf gets 5 stars from us. - Dave and Jenny Loder, Glendale